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From Kristian Hermsdorf <>
Subject bug in escaping special characters
Date Mon, 20 Jan 2003 14:28:27 GMT
Hi everyone ...
I think I found a bug in lucene query mechanism. QueryParser does mask 
spechial charakters but doesn't unmask them. So a search for field:a\:b did 
really search for a\:b in field (and not for a:b).
I added a few lines in QueryParser.jj to fix this issue.
I also added ' ' to _ESCAPED_CHAR to enable searches like field:hello\ 
I attach QueryParser.jj and bugfix.diff and hope these changes does not 
collide with other thinks...
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Kristian Hermsdorf
interface:projects gmbh
Tollkewitzer Straße  49
01277 Dresden
tel.: ++49-351-3 18 09 39
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