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From "Matt Tucker" <>
Subject RE: FSDirectory patch for file renaming
Date Tue, 18 Feb 2003 03:19:48 GMT

> We've also seen errors related to the rename failures, 
> especially when 
> the Windows machine was heavily loaded (a lot of virtual memory use, 
> swapping, etc.). Java bug database has numerous reports about 
> this issue 
> as well, and the general resolution (last time I looked at 
> these bugs) was "too bad".

Yeah, it's an issue that irks me a lot. I've wasted quite a few hours on
it... :( 

> So, I would agree that the patch makes sense, 
> as long as it does not result in strange behavior when the error condition
> legitimate.

I can't think of any strange behavior it would cause. If File.renameTo
fails, it seems pretty natural to just try it another way.


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