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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject Re: Broken link to javadoc in current CVS
Date Thu, 20 Mar 2003 17:35:22 GMT
Ype Kingma wrote:
> The problem is that on my machine here, the javadocs are generated
> in ../bin/api/index.html, which causes a broken link here.

The "javadocs" target builds the documentation in the bin/ directory. 
It does not install the documentation in the documentation tree.  The 
"package" target builds a complete documentation tree, with the API 
documentation correctly linked in, so that people who download a release 
get a proper documentation tree.

So the problem you're seeing only affects folks who're building the 
documentation themselves from CVS sources, for developers, not for 
users.  If you'd like the API link in your CVS tree to be operational, 
just move the documentation generated by the "javadocs" target into the 
doc/ directory.  I suppose ne could add a "install-javadocs" target that 
does this for you, however I think most folks who build Lucene from the 
CVS tree are capable of finding the javadoc and, if they need, moving it 
into the doc/ directory.  Or use the "package" target.

In summary, CVS tree is not a release, and its documentation has a 
broken link.  Releases do not have this broken link, nor does the website.


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