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From "none none" <>
Subject Re: About PrefixQuery
Date Sun, 09 Mar 2003 06:13:28 GMT
  Tatu, this message can be out of your topic, but i want just tell you that i successifully
made all the changes to make Lucene working again for highlight purpose, i can collect all
the terms from all the query; Range, Fuzzy, MultiTerm, etc. As you pointed out PhraseQuery
and RangeQuery don't extends MultiTermQuery and i agree they should, also i collect the actually
terms found after search, no the "raw" terms, but i think the Query has a private field that
holds this value. I added a method to Query: public abstract Term[] getTerms(); to make the
code nicer, so i just call this method to get the array without test what instanceof the current
query is.
To collect the term for a signle document, i think it will be useful but not as much as get
the termpositions in a document.
What's your idea for this proposal? can i help?

On Sat, 8 Mar 2003 20:16:08   
 Tatu Saloranta wrote:
>I started looking to implement a term collector (object that can get all the 
>terms for given query), and have couple of questions for someone more 
>familiar with code base:
>(1) PrefixQuery does not extend MultiTermQuery (unlike FuzzyQuery and
>  WildcardQuery). Is there some specific reason for this, or was it just 
> implemented before other two (perhaps MultiTermQuery was added after
> PrefixQuery?).
>(2) RangeQuery does not extend MultiTermQuery either, should it?
>(3) Like Doug pointed out, there are two distinct use cases; caller may want
>  to get either 'raw' terms (unprocessed terms, like "foo?ar") or terms   
>  actually contained in any documents indexed ("foo?ar" might expand to 
>  "foobar",  "foogar" etc). However, there's also third interesting use case;
>  getting terms in a specific document. Is it likely implementing this might
>  be (relatively) easy? I'm not familiar enough with IndexReader to know for
>  sure.
>-+ Tatu +-
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