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From "Bryan LaPlante" <>
Subject Search custom tag
Date Fri, 09 May 2003 11:17:24 GMT
Good morning all,

Hats off to the folks involved in this project, you guys and gals are the
true programmers. Writing a search engine is a dirty job and I am glad that
this community is available to me as I muttle through writing the version I
finally got working yesterday. I think I still enjoy business model
programming more than this stuff.

I have a question about how I can offer some of my code back to the
community. I have started writing a lucene-taglib for searching the index
created by what ever parser that you are using. Currently the tag looks like

<JSP:Search id="rs" collection="/opt/lucene/index" criteria="${ query }"
startRow="${ startRow }" maxRows="${ maxRows }">

What ever you have decided to store in your index can be retrieved like so:

rs.getField("summary") or rs.getField("url")

The tag just finds any field in the result and lets you use the getField
method to retrieve it with in each loop of the result.


My hope is to extend the tag with two more tags for adding multiple
collections and criteria to the result set. Where should I go to make this
code available to all of you who have been so helpful to me.

Bryan LaPlante

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