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From Leo Galambos <>
Subject Re: Detailed information about searching,indexing technique
Date Tue, 08 Jul 2003 16:26:07 GMT
Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Berthier Ribeiro-Neto: Modern Information 
Retrieval, ACM Press, ISBN 0-201-39829-X

The searching phase is trivial, if you know the basic vector model.
The indexing phase is described on pp 196-199. It is a classic algorithm.

Your queries:
1 - see the archive.
2 - you cannot solve it AFAIK. BTW, you would rather play with the 
entropy than with frequencies.

-g- wrote:

>Hello. I'm working in a recent company called Denali 
>which is interested by using Lucene. I have been 
>looking on the official website in order to get 
>information about this but i did'nt found any 
>explanation about how (in details) the index is create 
>and how the search is being made on it .
> In fact we would like to add two special query:
>-one which could find what are the most frequent term 
>in a document. 
>-one which could find what are the most frequent term 
>associated whith anoter term(for example: for a given 
>term "lucene", we will find "search","moteur","open 
>If somebody could indicate where I could find details 
>information not on "how to use Lucene" but "How does it 
>works in details?(algorithme used,...)", it would be 
>Best regards
>Claude Libois
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