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From "Mike Hogan">
Subject Re: [subscriptions] Re: Please make org.apache.lucene.index.IndexWriter non-final
Date Sun, 05 Oct 2003 14:39:36 GMT

> Looks pretty much like you're testing Lucene here, not your application
> around it.... nothing inside the try block is your own stuff its just
> Lucene API calls.

No, I am not testing Lucene.  I have written code that uses Lucene, yes, but
I want to _divorce_ myself from Lucene when it comes to unit testing that
code.  I just want to make sure I call the Lucene API correctly.  Not by
actually calling it in actuality, but by calling mock equivalents and
verify()'ing that I got the correct sequence of calls.  I do not want to
have to worry about Lucene or the file system or a RAMDirectory.  This is
what mock object testing is all about, as I understand it.  Its the same
when unit testing code that does a bunch of JDBC calls.  I do not actually
want to call the real JDBC driver, I want to call a mock version and
verify() that the parameters to my PreparedStatement and that my connections
were closed etc etc.  Involving the JDBC driver for real is an integration
test, not a unit test.

> > What ya reckon?
> I reckon ya oughta have a look at Lucene's test cases and source code.
> Ever hear of RAMDirectory?!  :))

No, I have not until now :-)  I will take a look at the Lucene test cases,
but if you are suggesting that I should slot in a file system replacement to
test my application, you're asking me to take the harder of two roads.
Doing this makes sense for those testing Lucene itself, but not for me (in
the same way as using a database replacement makes sense for those testing
JDBC drivers).  As I said, I am concerned only with verifying that I called
the Lucene API correctly, not that Lucene does what its supposed to do - I
will test that separately.

One final thing: what is the rationale behind using final at all on a class?
I come from this line of thinking:,
so am interested to see what value you get from final.


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