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From "Julien Nioche" <>
Subject coord factor and MultiTermQuery
Date Mon, 02 Feb 2004 13:08:01 GMT
Just a question :
Classes implementing MultiTermQuery (i-e WildcardQuery and FuzzyQuery) are
changed into BooleanQueries by the 'rewrite()' method before a Search. The
default coord() method of Similarity implies that the score of this BQ is
multiplied by the (ratio number of Terms found / number of terms searched).

This is fine but it could penalize the score of a document in case a Term
expands a lot. It's still possible to write your own Similarity class but
anyway the coord() method will be the same for all *Scorer objects and the
problem is that I'd like to keep the default behaviour for the "regular"

The question is : how can I do to have 2 different ways to compute the coord
factor or to say differently how can I choose to use it or not without
having to rewrite a whole bunch of Query and Scorer objects? Would it be
useful in general? Any ideas?



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