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From Albert Vila Puig <>
Subject MultiOrderSearcher Implementation
Date Mon, 02 Feb 2004 09:03:05 GMT
Hi all,

    I'm looking for a MultiOrderSearcher Implementation. I'am using the 
IndexOrderSearcher in order to obtain the results sorted per index, but 
I need to search over a multiple indexes. So, I need another 
MultiSearcher implementation in order to deal with the sort problem.

    Has anyone such a feature implemented in a MultiOrderSearcher class?

    I did an implementation in C++ (because I'm using the CLucene core 
in order to search the index), but I'm having problems with the sorting. 
The sort is fine for all indexes, but when I retrieve the results back 
to the client, the hits object contains something like:
          100 first hits from index 1
          100 first hits from index 2
          100 first hits from index 3
          100 second hits from index 1
    This is due to the getMoreDocs(50);    // retrieve 100 initially
       line from hits.cpp or

    When I want something like
          All hits from index 1
          All hits from index 2
          All hits from index 3

Maybe I need another hits abstraction object to deal with this problem 
because if I want to retrieve all sorted hits from all indexes I 'll 
have performance problems (I 'am dealing with big indexes).

Thanks in advance.

Albert Vila Puig
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