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From Oliver Zeigermann <>
Subject Lucene and Slide
Date Thu, 05 Feb 2004 10:14:03 GMT

In a recent discussion in the Slide mailing list we were talking about 
using Lucene as an indexer for Slide. One of Slide's features is full 
transactional support.

Only evaluating possibilities and not even sure if this is really needed 
for Slide, but do you people see any way to add transactionality to 
Lucene? This would mean you can update one or more indices in one 
transaction and roll back or commit them atomically while concurrently 
having an isolated access from other transactions.

This may be a track to follow (and maybe not): In Slide there is an 
implementation for transactional access to a file system. My idea was to 
make it accessible for Lucene as well. But then, as far as I understand 
it, Lucene operates on files, not on pure streams, right? This is 
currently not supported by the the transactional implementation 
mentioned above (and probably won't be ever).

Addtionally, storing Lucene indices to BLOBS in RDBMS's is no good idea 
either, I guess, as Lucene makes heavy use of the skip method in input 
streams. As input streams coming out of JDBC drivers for shure are very 
slow on this operation (especially a problem when indices grow large) 
this really does not make sense, does it?

Thanks for any hints in advance,


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