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From Dmitry Serebrennikov <>
Subject Re: Lucene 1.1 index with Luncene 1.3
Date Thu, 26 Feb 2004 19:08:53 GMT
I'm not sure about all of the changes since then, but I am (mostly) the 
one responsible for the "compound files" change that does away with the 
f1, f2, etc files you speak of. That change is backwards compatible in 
that it is optional and needs to be turned on by the application (set a 
flag on the IndexWriter object). Also, the IndexReader is able to open 
either format, so the old indexes will be read just fine even when the 
compound files functionality is turned on for new ones. So if you find 
any compatibility problems, please e-mail to the list because that would 
be a bug.

Hope this helps.

John Pierson wrote:

>I have an old version possibly 1.1 and when I create
>indexes using that, the indexes contain files like
>".f1" ".f2" and so on. 
>Where as 1.3 version does not create ".f1" ".f2"
>files. Just wondering if lucene 1.3 will work with
>indexes created with old versions of lucene. 
>Have we maintained backward compatibility over the
>versions? If not whats the plan? 
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