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From "Grant Ingersoll" <>
Subject Fields and Documents
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2004 21:02:09 GMT

I have written some tests for SegmentReader and SegmentMerger.  In it, I create a document
that has several fields, at least one of every kind.  I then write out the document using
a DocumentWriter.  My next step is to read it back in, using the SegmentReader (since I am
testing the segment reader, this test is similar to the TestDoc test).  I then assert that
the two documents are equal in the sense that all of the Fields that existed in the original
Document exist in the one that was just read in.  Much to my suprise, they do not.  Namely,
they differ in the fact that the Unstored fields are not preseved across writing.

The relevant code for this appears to be in FieldsWriter, where it explicitly writes out only
those that where isStored() == true.  

I guess I would expect that the meta-information about a Document would be preserved across
writing.  Is my understanding correct or am I missing something?  If my understanding is correct,
I can submit the patch.

Thanks for any help,
Grant Ingersoll

Grant Ingersoll
Sr. Software Engineer
Center for Natural Language Processing
Syracuse University

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