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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject Re: MultiReader
Date Fri, 02 Apr 2004 18:33:11 GMT
Christoph Goller wrote:
> Looks like a very good design. The only thing I don´t like is that version
> checking and locking in delete() is implementeed twice in SegmentReader and
> SegmentsReader. However, I don´t see another solution since multiple 
> inheritence
> is not possible in Java and SegmentsReader should definitely extend 
> MultiReader.
> Maybe version checking and locking should be implemented in an 
> additional class
> used by SegmentReader and SegmentsReader.

Another approach would be to never use SegmentReader alone, but always 
through a SegmentsReader, so that even an optimized index would use a 
SegmentsReader.  The overhead of a single-segment SegmentsReader is not 
great, and would probbably never significantly impact performance.

> I accidentely stumbled over this one: Shouldn´t we obtain a write lock 
> for setNorm too?


> If you agree, I could try to do the proposed implementation in the next 
> few days. What do you think?

That would be great!

Thanks for catching these problems,


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