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From Troy Gardner <>
Subject return scoring for multiple query terms
Date Mon, 12 Jul 2004 16:41:16 GMT
I'm wondering if there's a simpler approach to getting the explanation of a
multiple term query than calling explanation (which is supposedly very
expensive) e.g.

query "bad" + "apples" 

bool query
   bool query term= "bad" AND
   bool query term "apples"

where the hitlist results would be like:

doc1 (100%)
   "bad"  (90%)
   "apples" (40%)

doc2 (40%)
   "bad"  (40%)
   "apples" (100%)

except as potentially deep as the query complexity.  I don't need a full
explanation just the query term and it's score, the explanation seems to carry
more info than this.

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