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From "Robert Engels" <>
Subject RE: release & migration plan
Date Mon, 12 Jul 2004 17:55:43 GMT
Yes. I think if IndexReader is an interface (which might use a completely
different physical storage mechanism then Lucene uses), IndexWriter needs to
be an interface as well (in order to get the documents into the index).

By making the Reader and Writer interfaces, implementations can still use
the Lucene search capabilities, tokenizers, remote searches, etc.


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From: Doug Cutting []
Sent: Monday, July 12, 2004 12:45 PM
To: Lucene Developers List
Subject: Re: release & migration plan

Robert Engels wrote:
> I think the IndexReader and IndexWriter should be interfaces, and change
> codebase to use the interface where possible.

I agree that IndexReader should be an interface.

I'm less convinced about IndexWriter.  I have a little harder time
imagining alternate, pluggable implementations of IndexWriter.  Perhaps
one would want to write something which uses a different algorithm for
merging indexes?  So then the interface would be addDocument(),
addIndexes(), optimize(), close(), get/setSimilarity and getAnalyzer(),
with the rest of the methods, especially all the new accessors
(getMergeFactor(), getMaxBufferedDocs, etc.) as implementation-specific?
  Is that what you have in mind?


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