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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject IndexInput & GCJ
Date Thu, 16 Sep 2004 21:28:17 GMT
I replaced InputStream with IndexInput and BufferedIndexInput, so 
buffering is now optional.  InputStream is now deprecated and one can 
also now subclass FSDirectory.

Still to do:

   1. Replace OutputStream with IndexOutput and BufferedIndexOutput. 
This is not critical and mostly for consistency, as mmap makes more 
sense for read-only data.
   2. Update RAMDirectory and FSDirectory to no longer use deprecated 
classes.  This is done last, to make sure that the earlier steps to not 
break back-compatibility for existing Directory implementations.

Also, I've implemented an mmap-based subclass of FSDirectory in C++ 
using GCJ.  Any objections to checking this in under src/gcj?  It's not 
yet much faster than the pure Java implementation, but perhaps it can be 
made faster, and it also provides an example of how to extend Lucene 
with C++ in GCJ, which might eventually lead to some big speedups.


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