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From Christoph Goller <>
Subject Re: Lucene 1.4.2?
Date Thu, 30 Sep 2004 16:36:51 GMT
Doug Cutting wrote:
> Christoph Goller wrote:
>> I'd like the changes on FuzzyQuery, PhraseQuery, and PhrasePrefixQuery
>> included in the branch. Any objections?
> I'm okay with these, but the primary purpose of 1.4.2 should be to 
> stabilize things, not to add new features.  So let's be very selective 
> about what we add, and scrutinize changes carefully so we don't 
> introduce new bugs.  Are you confident that these are "safe" changes?

Yes, I am.

> If we agree to let a *few* features in, then I vote for my optimization 
> to IndexSearcher.  Of all the optimizations I made recently, the single 
> biggest performance improvement was to avoid allocating a new ScoreDoc 
> for every non-zero score in,Filter,int).  I 
> think this is safe.  Are there any concerns about putting this 
> optimization into 1.4.2?

Yes, I am also 100% sure that this optimization is safe. I would never
have guessed that calling the constructor there could make such a difference.

I looked through the list of changes since 1.4.1 and think the following items
should be considered for 1.4.2:

2, 4, 5, 9, 10, 13, 16, 17

The following items from my list are enhancements, not bug fixes:

2, 9 (FuzzyQuery, PhraseQuery, and PhrasePrefixQuery)
5 (peak disk requirements during indexing)
16 (your optimization)


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