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From Minh Kama Yie <>
Subject Different logic in explain() and search()
Date Tue, 14 Sep 2004 07:15:07 GMT
Hi all,

I posted this query on the user list and didn't get a response so I
was hoping to get some bites on the developer list.

I should prefix my statements by saying that I've discovered the
problem I'm having is with 1.3, and it appears fixed in 1.4.

Basically I am calling an "explain()" and it returns a "value" > 0 for
a document that does not appear as a "hit" when doing a "search".
Ideally I don't want to do a search if I can avoid it because
explain() offers what I need.

I also undestand that it is kind of illogical to "explain" a query
that for a document that isn't returned by the query but nonetheless
I'm looking for confirmation that this is a bug and what can be done
to fix it in 1.3.

In doing so I hope to understand the main differences between
explain() and search().

The test case is attached in the file

Notice that if you search for "currently classifies" in the content
field and "9" in the id field, you will get 0 hits, but the
explanation returns a value greater than 0.

Thanks in advance guys,

Minh Kama Yie

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