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From Jeff Patterson <>
Subject Pluggable Lock Framework - how to submit code enhancement?
Date Sat, 06 Nov 2004 06:16:03 GMT
I've been lurking here as a watcher for a while, but
this is my first post - make this an official "hi!"

We use Lucene at work on a HA system across 2
machines with multiple JVMs accessing the same
NFS-mounted index directory.  We overcame the
NFS locking deficiencies in Lucene by wrapping
the Lucene API calls in a home-grown database
locking mechanism.  I have since hooked up to
the CVS tree for the 1.5 candidate and have
built in to the codebase a pluggable Lock
Override framework allowing a user to build their
own locking mechanism (if you don't, it defaults
to the current filesystem Lock).

This framework seems like it would be beneficial
to the larger community.  What is the best way
for me to get the changes incorporated in to the
next release?  I slightly modified:

and added one new small class:

Additional tweaks would be advised around
my changes, but I think they would be minor.

Please advise on proper submission protocol. Is it
Bugzilla, to this list, or other?

Thanks - Jeff

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