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From Murray Altheim <>
Subject Re: Question about PorterStemFilter class
Date Thu, 04 Nov 2004 08:58:55 GMT
Brian Goetz wrote:
> The original (Porter) version did indeed not correspond to any current 
> Java coding standards -- because (a) it was translated to Java before 
> such standards emerged (JDK 1.0) and (b) translated from another 
> language.  I left these as is, rather than attempt to clean them up.
>>Yes, I understand that. In looking at the code it is quite obviously
>>of the same origin (i.e. from Martin Porter) but may be an older
>>version (I couldn't quite tell). It doesn't come close to any normal
>>Java programming guidelines, and while I didn't try to modify the
>>latest version so that it would, entirely, because part of the
>>reason I think whoever wrote the original code formatted it the way
>>they did was to enable an easier reading of the comparison strings.
>>I've tried to come to some compromise, as well as (as I mentioned)
>>predeclaring the Strings so that the VM isn't constantly recreating


Thanks -- understood (both messages). With code as complicated to
read as the PorterStemmer, I can understand the reasons. In the
end, is there any desire for me to post the updated class I've
created, or should I assume that it will be deprecated in favour
of the Snowball code? If there's no need for my version, I'm
fine with that, I just wouldn't want to dump it for no reason,
nor push insertion of it into Lucene against anyone's wishes.



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Knowledge Media Institute
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