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From Bernhard Messer <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: jakarta-lucene/src/test/org/apache/lucene/queryParser
Date Thu, 25 Nov 2004 19:03:57 GMT

>>> Or maybe we could put together an all-encompassing 
>>> TestDeprecatedMethods that at least had calls to all the methods 
>>> we've deprecated, but doesn't necessarily test return values or 
>>> behavior.  Then we could fix all the deprecation warnings in the 
>>> other test cases and leave this as the one test that at least the 
>>> method signatures are viable (and we can be reasonably sure that if 
>>> the method signatures still work that the behavior has not changed, 
>>> I presume).
>> creating an all-encompassing TestDeprecatedMethods class seems to be 
>> more difficult than it looks for the moment. Wouldn't it be easier to 
>> copy the Testcases from 1.4.2 in a seperate, new folder 
>> "test-deprecated" and leave them as they are. All work, removing 
>> deprecation warnings, add new test cases could be done without 
>> modifying the originals within the new folder. When we run the 
>> ant-task on both directories, we can make sure that both, the 
>> deprecated and new methods are working properly.
> +1
> seems to do what we want with minimal effort
I tried it on my local environement and it looks fine to me. It's not 
that much work to create a copy of the test cases from 1.4.2. Adding a 
new ant task "test-deprecated" which uses the test classes located in 
"src/test-deprecated" is a is trivial too. At least it is just a copy of 
the existing "test" task with modified directory names. Having all 
together, users can run both tests "ant test" or "ant test-deprecated". 
The only question still open, if we want to have all the duplicated test 
cases in CVS or do we leave it to the user if he wants to run the 
outdated, deprecated tests. My suggestion is to add both, the modified 
build.xml and the test cases to CVS and delete them step by step when 
switching to version 2.0


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