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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject Re: Release 1.4.3
Date Fri, 26 Nov 2004 08:38:31 GMT
Christoph Goller wrote:
> I think i should finally make Release 1.4.3.


> I presume the does no longer exist. I just fill in
> "1.4.3" as version in the build.xml before building it. Is this ok?

I build releases with something like:

   ant -Dversion=1.4.3 clean dist

So that it doesn't matter what version is in build.xml.  So you 
shouldn't need to change build.xml for this release.

I think there is less confusion if, when folks build lucene themselves 
it does not, by default, have the same name as a released version.  Thus 
if they patch things and do not update build.xml (which is likely) the 
generated jar files will have "rc1-dev", clearly identifying them as a 
non-released version.

> Releases (binaries and sources) are no longer on
> /www/
> Only the web-page and the documentation (Javadoc) is there.
> Instead they are on
> /www/
> Is this correct?

Yes.  Release directories should now be made under

Two other things that are not in the wiki instructions:
   1. copy the lucene jar into the distribution too
      cp build/lucene-X.X.jar dist
   2. compute MD5 sums
      (cd dist; md5sum lucene* > MD5.txt)

If you have time, please update the wiki instructions too.



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