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From Ricardo Lopes <>
Subject Does QueryParser uses Analyzer ?
Date Tue, 30 Nov 2004 15:42:29 GMT
Does the QueryParser class really uses the Analyzer passed to the parse 
method ?

I look at the code and i dont the object beeing used anywhere in the 
class. The problem is that i am writting an application with lucene that 
searches using a foreign language with latin characters, the indexing 
works fine, but the search aparently doesn't call the Analyzer.

Here is an example:
i have a file that contains the following word: memória
if i search for: memoria (without the puntuation charecter in the o) it 
finds the word, which is correct
if i search for: memória (the exact same word) it doesn't find the word, 
because the QueryParser splits the word to "mem ria", but if the 
analyzer were called the "ó" would be replaced to "o". I guess the 
analyzer isn't called, is this right?

Thanks in advance,
Ricardo Lopes

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