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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject Re:
Date Mon, 14 Feb 2005 19:09:43 GMT
Erik Hatcher wrote:
>> It also might be a good time to think about mailing list names.  There 
>> was a request on infrastructure@ to move lucene-dev@jakarta to 
>> dev@lucene, would it make more sense to move it to java-dev@lucene?
> NOW you tell me!!!!  :)
> I think until we have these elusive other languages in, we should stick 
> with dev@.  We certainly want to have a cohesive Lucene community 
> regardless of language, and dev@ makes sense to keep across all 
> languages to me.

I (respectfully) disagree.  I don't think other Apache projects work 
that way.  Sub-projects have their own development lists.  Perhaps we 
should have new mailing lists for the top-level project, but the mailing 
list that replaces should be specific to 
Lucene Java.

In general, nearly everything related to Jakarta Lucene should be moved 
to the Java sub-project of TLP Lucene.  There may be some exceptions, 
but those should be the results of public deliberations.  For example, 
Garrett suggested that the file format documentation might move to the 
top-level.  There's merit to that, but we should figure out how each 
port will describe what version of the file format it implements, 
whether it implements any extensions, etc. before we yank the file 
format documentation from the lucene port.

And we also want to try not to break URLs when we move things.  For this 
reason it's best to move things as few tims as possible, so that we 
don't end up with a confusing set of redirects.


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