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From Garrett Rooney <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r159237 - in lucene/java/trunk: docs/mailinglists.html xdocs/mailinglists.xml
Date Tue, 29 Mar 2005 03:05:12 GMT
Otis Gospodnetic wrote:

> I'm losing track of all the Lucene lists we now have.  Is there
> general@lucene ?  I just send a message to it.  Nothing bounced, but I
> didn't get my email yet either.

I know it had been discussed before, but I don't think it was ever 
created.  It should be eventually, just like we should eventually do 
something about a TLP web page instead of just redirecting to /java, but 
hey, lack of 'tuits and so forth I suspect.

Really though, we should decide what the final course of action on the 
commits lists is.  I know Doug had wanted to split the various commits 
out onto per-project lists, but nobody'd gotten around to it.  That 
would nicely answer the "where does reply-to get set to" question, but 
it would reduce the chances of java people pointing out the problems 
with my lucene4c commits, which is a net loss for me ;-)


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