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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: lucene 2.0?
Date Wed, 20 Apr 2005 09:45:52 GMT

On Apr 19, 2005, at 10:06 PM, Mario Alejandro M. wrote:

> LIke maybe know, I'm porting Lucene to Delphi.
> Taking in account that this is in progress and not a functional 
> release as
> be made (however, today I archive ALPHA 2 when all indexing stuff is
> working) what can help me in not wast time on it?

There is a concerted effort to develop a SWIG Lucene and there is also 
a CLucene and an active Lucene4C project.  I was crazy enough to 
contemplate a native Ruby port once upon a time, and developed some 
low-level I/O code and then realized what a maintenance hassle it'd be 
to keep up with the always evolving Java Lucene.

The PyLucene crew (credit where its due, Andi Vajda!) did something 
quite amazing... using GCJ and SWIG to interface Java Lucene with 
Python.  This, in my opinion, is the way to future "ports" to any 
language.  Let Java Lucene be the base and all other ports derive from 
it.  I'm not sure why motivates Garrett with Lucene4C - and I certainly 
do not want to discourage anyone from tackling this as at the very 
least it is a great computer science exercise and surely a learning 
experience for anyone attempting it.

If you continue with your port, you are going to have to face the 
realization that you will always be behind the Java version in terms of 
features and compatibility - unless you're able to implement the 
features every time you see a commit message.

> For example, I know that portersteimmer is deprecated by snowball... 
> exist
> other classes not worth to port now?

If you don't plan on spending every waking moment porting, why not join 
forces with the SWIG Lucene folks and interface to that from Delphi?

> Something else I must know? The code is based in Lucene 1.4.3...

You're already behind and there has been dramatic changes with the 
latest codebase that will be Lucene 1.9/2.0.


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