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From Otis Gospodnetic <>
Subject SortTest failing
Date Tue, 26 Apr 2005 02:55:49 GMT
Hm, Erik is not alone with unit tests failing.  My HighlighterTest
passes (I didn't do svn update today yet), but I see SortTest failing:

    [junit] Testcase:
testNormalizedScores(  FAILED
    [junit] expected:<0.375> but was:<0.392445>
    [junit] junit.framework.AssertionFailedError: expected:<0.375> but
    [junit]     at
    [junit]     at

Line 365 is this:

assertSameValues (scoresA, getScores(,sort)));

And this makes me think that this broke during my last commit of Wolf's
patch for MultiSearcher and docFreq stuff.  However I did run 'ant
test' before commit and did see BUILD SUCCESSFUL, so I'm not 100% sure.

Anyone else seeing this error?


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