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From Wolf Siberski <>
Subject Re: Correct of Query.combine() bugs with new MultiSearcher
Date Wed, 27 Apr 2005 09:45:54 GMT
Chuck Williams wrote:
> Thanks Erik.  If you don't here more, I'm sure this fixes a whole class 
> of problems and is better than the previous situation.  I'm also 
> confident that it will do the right thing for all the query types built 
> into Lucene.  
To me Chucks patch also looks very good.

In parallel to his activity I had rewritten TestMultiSearcherRanking and
added more sample queries to get a better insight into the issue. These
tests also check if rewriting yields the same query for MultiSearcher as
for the single IndexSearcher case. Chucks modifications work fine for these
new tests too, when a small optimization is added: if there is only one
sub-query, then return that instead of wrapping it into a BooleanQuery.
An extended/modified patch is attached to the Bugzilla issue.

More test queries, especially 'weird' cases, would be great.
I'm not very familiar with all query subclasses and their features,
so if someone could add interesting test queries or point me to suitable
queries in other test classes, that would be very much appreciated.


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