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From Chuck Williams <>
Subject Re: ParallelReader
Date Thu, 28 Apr 2005 21:54:10 GMT
Doug Cutting writes (4/28/2005 2:19 PM):

> Please find attached something I wrote today.  It has not been yet 
> tested extensively, and the documentation could be improved, but I 
> thought it would be good to get comments sooner rather than later.
> Would folks find this useful?

Yes, very useful, especially if you added one additional feature that 
looks straightforward from the code below.  That is a facility to append 
the stored fields from the non-storedFieldReaders to the Document 
on-demand.  This would solve a problem that has hit me several times, 
and that others on the list seemed to have encountered as well.  If a 
document contains a bunch of small stored meta-data fields that are used 
for categorization purposes, and one or a few large stored ontent 
fields, then it can be important to be able to scan a large number of 
results quickly for purposes of analyzing the categorical fields.  This 
is currently slowed down by the unnecessary loading of the content 
field(s).  The ability to ignore the stored fields in certain readers 
below solves this, but I didn't see a way to access those fields when 
they are needed (e.g.., for highlighting or browsing a result -- 
something done on much fewer of the results).

> Should it go into the core or in contrib?

Seems worth of the core to me.

Very cool,


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