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From "Mario Alejandro M." <>
Subject Re: lucene 2.0?
Date Wed, 20 Apr 2005 17:17:25 GMT
> If you continue with your port, you are going to have to face the
> realization that you will always be behind the Java version in terms of
> features and compatibility - unless you're able to implement the
> features every time you see a commit message.

I understand this. A productive way is do changes when final milestones are 
archived, not when each change is done.

Also, I don't only pretend reinvent the wheel. I plan provide this port with 
unique attributes, like 100% Win32, 100% NET and maybe MONO later releases, 
with 0 runtimes/external dependences, Firebird/Sql Server index storage, 
Full spanish support, and Delphi RAD support....

If you don't plan on spending every waking moment porting, why not join
> forces with the SWIG Lucene folks and interface to that from Delphi?

That depend on strategic motivation. if Lucene is simply a add-on, where 
this provide everything is necesary then this way is good. But if is 
necesary change the code... what? I have experience in 7-10 languages but 
none (except JavaScript) are of the Java/C++ crowd. I don't have expertise 
or tool support or time to know how everything is in C++/Java, while C# (my 
reference) is most close to Delphi, I found some C-like construct very 
logic-disruptive and hard to read and understand, from my point of view... 
some of this things stop me for days trying to understand it. 

Computer languages like in the real worldare a barrier.... so if I want 
enable Delphi community on this and, mainly, I want DEPEND on Lucene, I need 
it in a environment/language I know and have control. Use the Java or C++ or 
anything else is a bad move for my company, because I know I need full acces 
to the inner-working when the port is done.

You're already behind and there has been dramatic changes with the
> latest codebase that will be Lucene 1.9/2.0.

I see a lot! I have a copy of Lucene 1.4. So, I wait then for have my actual 
codebase working and wait for Lucene 2 (I know in this step some classes 
disapear). Despite the changes, I can refactor and change the code 
quickly...only worry for the test suite.

Mario Alejandro Montoya
MCP <>
!Obtenga su sitio Web dinĂ¡mico!

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