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From Yonik Seeley <>
Subject UnscoredRangeQuery
Date Fri, 15 Apr 2005 04:00:53 GMT
OK, so I implemented an UnscoredRangeQuery we needed for use with
lucene 1.4.3.  Seems to work fine for me, so I thought I would put it
out here to see what you guys think... (files attached)

Would a cleaned up version be useful for some version of Lucene, or
will all the current work that Paul is doing in the queries & scorers
make this method obsolete?

Scoring seems an order of magnitude more complex than analysis and
finding terms & docs.  I'd appreciate guidance or suggestions related
to scoring and what numbers I'm currently returning (as long as it
doesn't slow things down much).

  - can handle any number of terms... doesn't expand to a boolean query
  - can be used anywhere in a normal query hierarchy (unlike RangeFilter)
  - can be open ended on both ends
  - endpoints can be independently inclusive or exclusive
  - produces a constant score for each hit (could be a mis-feature also...)

  - no skipTo()... it currently impersonates a BooleanQuery because of
  - no per-doc scoring (a small constant is returned).  we don't have
any range queries where scoring makes sense, and it's faster without


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