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From Yonik Seeley <>
Subject Re: UnscoredRangeQuery
Date Fri, 15 Apr 2005 15:34:46 GMT
Paul, your response reminded me of a case I forgot to consider:
multi-valued fields (the same document matching more than one term in
the range).  In that case, my scorer will produce duplicates.  I
assume that a scorer that produces dups is not allowed.

It looks like I don't really have any other choice than a bitset to
remove the dups.  At least I will be able to implement skipTo

> For maximum performance, top level disjunctions are probably best done
> unordered, for example like the 1.4 BooleanScorer.
> From what I understood so far, this UnscoredRangeQuery has the same
> properties: it is a disjunction and it also works unordered.


> A disjunction that is (severely) limited by a filter or that is a subquery of
> a conjunction is probably best evaluated in an ordered way, and for these
> cases the DisjunctionSumScorer in the development version is good.

What I'm thinking of is that if the number of terms are small enough,
I can use whatever RangeQuery.rewrite() would have used.  If there are
too many terms, I can fall back to a new UnscoredRangeQuery.


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