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From "Monsur Hossain" <>
Subject Questions about DeleteFile method
Date Tue, 03 May 2005 00:55:39 GMT
So after digging around FSDirectory's DeleteFile method, I noticed something
curious.  After an incremental index, the system tried to delete a lot of
*.f* files (like _5.f1, _5.f2), which didn't exist on the file system.
These files are named after the segment that is being deleted (for example,
there does exist a _5.cfs file, which is deleted).  Why its trying to delete
these files that don't exist?

Also, when these files aren't found, DeleteFile throws an exception; the
calling method traps this exception and adds the filename to the "deletable"
file.  This can lead to a lot of exceptions being thrown during a large
indexing operation, which could incur a performance penalty.  For
performance reasons, should DeleteFile return a boolean (true if the file is
deleted, false if not), which the calling method can then handle
approriately?  The calling method would still have to trap on the exception,
but at least there'd be far fewer Exceptions thrown.


P.s. I haven't done any perf tests to verify this, it was just a thought.
I'll look into pulling something together.

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