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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject Re: ParallelReader
Date Thu, 12 May 2005 18:17:14 GMT
Doug Cutting wrote:
 > Would folks find this useful?

Since the general feedback was positive, I committed this.

Chuck Williams wrote:
> Yes, very useful, especially if you added one additional feature that 
> looks straightforward from the code below.  That is a facility to append 
> the stored fields from the non-storedFieldReaders to the Document 
> on-demand.

That sounds reasonable.  If you implement this, please send a patch.

mark harwood wrote:
 > An equivalent Parallelizer for IndexWriter would be a
 > useful addition to keep the two indexes in synch.

Yes, it might in some cases.  For the cases I have in mind, the 
different indexes would be written at different times, and this would 
not be useful.  But if you do this differently, please contribute a 

rnewson wrote:
 > One tiny point; "enum" is a reserved keyword in JDK 1.5 so the
 > ParallelTermEnum inner class doesn't cleanly compile. Renaming the
 > TermEnum member variable to "termEnum" fixes it.

Thanks for catching that.  I just fixed it.


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