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From Bernhard Messer <>
Subject Re: IndexFileNames
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2005 19:07:52 GMT
Doug Cutting wrote:

> Bernhard Messer wrote:
>> sorry for the confusion. On the first look, i thought the new class 
>> IndexFileNames, containing the necessary constant values, fits 
>> perfect into org.apache.lucene.index. After a more detailed look, i 
>> get the feeling that it would be much better to place the new class 
>> into If done, we can avoid all dependencies within 
>> FSDirectory to org.apache.lucene.index, which is very clean.
> I think that's an illusion: the store package would actually become 
> more dependent on the index package.  If someone changes the set of 
> files in an index then the changes will not be localized to the index 
> package. Nothing outside of the index package should know anything 
> about the internal structure of an index.
> If insteaed the index package exposes a public API that permits other 
> packages to inquire whether particular file names belong to an index 
> then only a small dependency on what should be a stable API is 
> exposed.  Changes to index structure can be made without changing 
> anything outside of the index package.
>> Why not creating a new public final class 
>> and move LuceneFileFilter, 
>> Constants.INDEX_*, SegmentMerger.COMPOUND_EXTENSIONS, 
>> to it.
> I still think this class should be in the index package.  I'm not 
> convinced that anything other than the FileFilter needs to be public.

I finished the changes and commited the changes. There are two new 
classes in package org.apache.lucene.index. 
org.apache.lucene.index.IndexFileNames contains common lucene related 
filenames and extensions, the scope of the class itself and it's members 
are package. org.apache.lucene.index.IndexFileFilter is public and used 
in FSDirectory to decide whether a file belongs to an lucene index and 
can be deleted.


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