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From "Nick Lothian" <>
Subject RE: Lucene vs. Ruby/Odeum
Date Thu, 02 Jun 2005 02:00:15 GMT
> On Jun 1, 2005, at 6:07 PM, Daniel Naber wrote:
> > On Tuesday 17 May 2005 04:41, Otis Gospodnetic wrote:
> >
> >
> >>
> >>
> >
> > Here's a follow up:
> >
> >
> > Now the claim is that Lucene is faster than Ruby/Odeum but 
> it takes 36 
> > times more memory. However, I cannot find any information on how 
> > exactly Lucene was started. It's no surprise that Java 
> requires much 
> > memory and doesn't clean up if it never comes close to the 
> limit set 
> > with -Xmx.
> I went around several times in e-mail with Zed, the author of 
> this comparison after his follow-up.  His paraphrasing of me 
> in there is only partially sort of what I said to him.  He's 
> instantiating an IndexSearcher inside a tight loop which I 
> told him was a very bad thing to do with Lucene and that his 
> loops are so tight that garbage collection isn't getting a 
> chance to kick in.  He doesn't currently believe some of this 
> from me, and also feels that adjusting the code to make 
> Lucene happy is being unfair.
> I wish the RubyLucene folks would hurry up and get a port 
> over there so that we could compare against Ruby/Odeum "fairly" :)
>      Erik

Since this test appears to be mostly benchmarking JVM startup time, it
might be nice to see some figures comparing Lucene running under GCJ.

Some benchmarks
( show that
GCJ will actually run Lucene faster than Sun's VMs (in some
circumstances), and since a pre-compiled program running under GCJ is a
native binary I wouldn't be surprised to see Java Lucence very
competitive even on the start-up tests.


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