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From Dave Kor <>
Subject Re: Unexpected: ordered
Date Mon, 04 Jul 2005 20:51:49 GMT
*chuckles* It seems I can post to this list without subscribing to it. :)

> I had another look at the code, and my guess now is that this is
> related to the spanNear with the single argument.
> It rings some bells. One of them is that I would have preferred
> to split the SpanNear class into ordered/unordered after the fix,
> but that I gave up because it would take too much time.
> The current SpanNear class is too complex for easy maintenance.
> Perhaps the quick fix is to verify in the constructor of SpanNearQuery
> that the number of clauses is at least 2, and to throw an illegal arg
> exception otherwise.

Alright, I'll add code to ensure that I do not generate SpanNearQueries that
contain only a single sub-query and see what happens, I hope this solves my

Earlier, I went back to have a more in-depth look at the queries that were
throwing these exceptions. My system, an experimental query expansion module,
had generated over 900+ queries and out of those, 50-60 queries cause the RTE.

>From these queries, I can find many repeated multi-term SpanNearQueries that
also throws the same RTE. Here are some examples where the bracket shows how
the terms are grouped in a SpanNearQuery:

((the (regent hotel)) (the (regent hotel) to))
(((elton john)) ((elton john) and))
(((the who) is) ((the who) of))
((is) (the (the band nirvana) band))
(((united states)) (united states president is the))
(((academy awards) of) ((academy awards) is))

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