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From DM Smith <>
Subject Re: IndexWriter and system properties
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2005 13:21:01 GMT
 From the perspective of a user of Lucene:
IMHO, having system properties for a third-party library is not good:
1) System properties are not explicit in the library's api.
2) System properties are applied non-local to the use of a library's api.
3) System properties represents global variables, not local control.
4) System properties may or may not be cached. If cached, this may be 
early enough to make it hard to set it after application startup.
5) System properties force an application to have additional mechanisms 
for startup.
6) System properties are seldom documented well.

Daniel Naber wrote:

>there's a bug report (#34359) asking to catch and ignore access exceptions 
>when reading system properties so Lucene can be used in an applet. I 
>wanted to apply that patch, but now I'm not sure anymore: does it make 
>sense for Lucene to read settings from system properties? Shouldn't that 
>be left to the application that uses Lucene? There are set... calls for 
>most of these settings, so it's trivial to implement this for a user of 
> Daniel

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