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From Barry Hawkins <>
Subject Re: Version 1.9
Date Mon, 19 Sep 2005 20:38:45 GMT
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John Haxby wrote:
> John Haxby wrote:
>> [...] compiled with gcj that I believe is compiled with gcj [...]
> It's only compiled once with gcj, if at all :-)
> You can get it from
> A quick inspection of the .spec file suggests that it's compiled with
> gcj and, indeed, the compiled RPM
> (
> has both shared libraries and a jar.
> jch
    Hi guys, I am the co-maintainer of the Lucene package for Debian
with Jeff B.  We have been working on getting Lucene to build completely
with a free runtime for quite a while, as Jeff had mentioned.  The
principle challenge was the single RMI class  RMI compilation has only
recently made progress in GNU Classpath and subsequently in the other
free runtimes for Java besides GCJ that use it.
    As you can see in the source RPM referenced above, patch
lucene-bz133180.patch disables the compilation of RemoteShareable.  The
Fedora team simply removes the class in order to package Lucene using GCJ.
    We have been using Kaffe in our work to get Lucene packaged via a
free runtime.  Kaffe has its own GNU Classpath library copy.  As of this
weekend, we got RemoteSearchable to compile and pass its 4 unit tests
using Kaffe's RMI compiling facilities (from GNU Classpath).  We have
been running Lucene's entire unit test suite as part of our build.
    One additional expediency employed in the RPM is that the unit test
suite is foregone until the RMI issue is resolved, as it states in their

- - Add patch for rmic (rh#133180 -- gbenson).  Should be fixed by
forthcoming grmic patch.
- - Don't run tests until we get a patched grmic (all pass except those
needing stubs).

    We communicate with the Fedora and GNU Classpath people on a pretty
regular basis via IRC, and for now they are watching us to see if we get
this stuff figured out. ;-)  Our current roadblock is that the unit test
for pukes and fails; you can
see the output in Debian Bug Report #272295[0].

[0] -

- --
Barry Hawkins

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