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From Nicolas Belisle <>
Subject Re: Directory Implementation: Java Content Repository
Date Wed, 14 Dec 2005 17:52:14 GMT
Hi Erik,

Since Java Content Repository uses, I extended 
RAMInputStream to achieve random reads from the (Have 
a better idea ?)

However RAMInputStream and its constructor parameter (RAMFile) are package 

Should I ? :

- 1. Put all my thing in ""
- 2. Put my RAMInputStream sub-class in "" and call 
it from a different package ("")
- 3. Make RAMFile class public and its fields (generate getter/setter) and 
RAMInputStream (Requires changes to Lucene source code)
- 4. Copy the code of RAMInputStream in my class (Not a very good idea)
- 5. >>Put your strategy here<<

You do you think ?

Some changes to  RAMInputStream/RAMFile would probably help the development 
of other Directory implementations.


Le 19:27 2005-12-12, vous avez écrit:
>This is great news!   The first step to getting your code within the
>Lucene repository would be to organize it a manner similar to the
>other contributed projects.  I think this one fits nicely as contrib/ 
>jcr.  License the code with the Apache license, get the build process
>working, hopefully with unit tests using the infrastructure already
>in place for the contrib projects, and finally add it as a patch to
>JIRA as a .zip file.
>         Erik
>On Dec 12, 2005, at 6:20 PM, Nicolas Belisle wrote:
>>I've implemented a Directory (
>>using Java Content Repository ( id=170).
>>With it, indexes can be stored in any persistence technology
>>supported by a Java Content Repository implementation. For example,
>>Jackrabbit (the reference implementation - http:// 
>> currently supports relational
>>databases (JDBC, Hibernate, OJB), file system, Berkeley DB Java
>>Edition and more...
>>I wish to contribute the code to the community (if someone is
>>interested in it). Where do I begin ?
>>Nicolas Bélisle
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