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From Chuck Williams <>
Subject Re: create feeds in GDATA - Server
Date Tue, 06 Jun 2006 15:41:04 GMT

What are your U requirements in the CRUD?  Are these only on individual
items so that delete/add is sufficient, or do you have any bulk update


Simon Willnauer wrote on 06/06/2006 05:47 AM:
> Hello,
> the first version of the GDATA server is already running and it
> supports all
> the CRUD actions base on a lucene storage.
> so the next thing is to enable multiple feed ( I wouldn't be a proper
> server
> serving just one single feed instance :).
> Basically the gdata - protocol description doesn't say anything about
> inserting new feed instances, the API neither.
> Lot's of possibilities are around to create an interface for inserting
> new
> feeds. XML descriptors per feed could be possible but that could easily
> become a xml nightmare. So what else could be provided... There could
> be a
> SOAP endpoint for creating/deleteing new Feeds or a secondary REST -
> Based
> Interface could be provided. This feeds could be stored inside the
> storage
> component including user account data (should we provide more than one
> user
> account for altering feeds?!). Quiet easy to use would be a
> administration
> JSP based component of the server, but guys don't forget I just have 2
> 1/2
> month time ;). No problem doing all these extra features when SoC has
> finished.
> -->  I thought about a mySQL connector for storing entries and requesting
> feeds in addition to the lucene base storage and BerkleyDB as well.
> regards Simon

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