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From Grant Ingersoll <>
Subject Bugs
Date Wed, 14 Jun 2006 23:52:01 GMT
So, being the newbie committer, I have been looking through the bug list 
trying to figure out where I can contribute some help.  It seems to me 
like there are a lot of patches/bugs that are languishing (through no 
one's fault, we are all busy and this is a volunteer project).  I know 
you can vote on bugs and also give bugs a priority, but I am not sure 
how useful these are at this point since the highest vote getter is 
Issue 443 with a sum total of 5 votes (hardly a mandate) and a lot of 
them are listed as increased priority.  There are also a number of bugs 
that date back as far as 2002 which I highly doubt are all that useful 
at this point unless someone wants to patch a specific branch.

So, I guess I am wondering where I can be the most helpful?  I  would 
like to propose we close out some of these older bugs as "Won't Fix" 
(people will still be able to browse the closed bugs), perhaps any bug 
before Jan. 1, 2004.  Would this be useful?  I don't want to just do 
busy work, but I also want to have a better idea of where efforts should 
be focused so we can continue to improve Lucene. Anyone have any other 
ideas?  Or maybe someone wants to convince me that there bug should be 
worked on right away... :-)

If this is useful, is there anyone that is willing to help?  Perhaps we 
can divy them up.  I don't think you have to be a committer to 
manipulate JIRA, just a "Lucene Developer" which we could probably grant 
to someone if appropriate.


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