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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Bugs
Date Thu, 15 Jun 2006 08:01:52 GMT

: them are listed as increased priority.  There are also a number of bugs
: that date back as far as 2002 which I highly doubt are all that useful
: at this point unless someone wants to patch a specific branch.
: So, I guess I am wondering where I can be the most helpful?  I  would
: like to propose we close out some of these older bugs as "Won't Fix"
: (people will still be able to browse the closed bugs), perhaps any bug
: before Jan. 1, 2004.  Would this be useful?  I don't want to just do

-1 ... even old bug reports that were vague or never reproduced may still
be of use to someone who encounters the same problem today and
unfortunately, many people don't think to search "resolved" or "closed"
bugs for similar problems.

I'm all in favor of closing out issues that have been fixed independently,
or are no longer applicable because the code/functionality
involved has been deprecated or changed so much that the bug/patch is no
longer meaningful ... but i don't like the idea of picking an arbitrary
cut off point and saying "anything older then this is too old to worry
about", each issue should be considered on it's own merrits, or left

: busy work, but I also want to have a better idea of where efforts should
: be focused so we can continue to improve Lucene. Anyone have any other
: ideas?  Or maybe someone wants to convince me that there bug should be
: worked on right away... :-)

I would suggest you start by looking at the popular issues, and fix any
bugs that you feel you understand well enough to fix, or commit any
patches you feel you understand well enough to stand behind them ... if
there aren't any, then either:
  a) get to know the code well enough that you do feel comfortable
  b) move on to less popular issues in areas of the code you are
     comfortable with already.

...that's what i try to do when i have spare time

At this point, it's not an issue of what do i want to work on it .. it's
when.  There are open issues containing patches (with unit tests) that *i*
submitted way back in the day, and even though i'm a committer now, i
still haven't gotten arround to committing them because i feel a like i
need to be cautious and carefull about reviewing any patch ... even my own


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