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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Bugs
Date Thu, 15 Jun 2006 15:42:10 GMT
: > unfortunately, many people don't think to search "resolved" or "closed"
: > bugs for similar problems.

: It's kind of ironic that people working on a search engine wouldn't
: think to search first!  :-)  Human nature, I guess...

well, yeah ... but i suspect peoples natural dendency when searching for
bugs is to assume that if they are still having the problem it must not be
a resolved issue ... i freely admit that if i'm searching for a bug, and
don't find what i'm looking for with a lot of specific keywords, that i'll
eventually switch to only looking at open issues at as a relax my keyword
constraints and start gettting more and more things that only peripherally
relate  to the class/feature i'm searching on.

: > I would suggest you start by looking at the popular issues, and fix any
: > bugs that you feel you understand well enough to fix, or commit any

: This is my point.  It isn't obvious to me from JIRA what the popular
: issues are (is it the one w/ a sum total of 5 votes????).   I know what

Democracy in action: if people don't vote on issues, the politicians
don't know what issues the people care about; and if politicians don't pay
attenttion to the few people who do vote, there's less incentive for
people to vote :)

given the size of the lucene user base, and how few issues have votes, i
would argue that an issue with *1* vote should be considereed a popular
issue -- but by all means start with the 5 vote issue if you're
comfortable with it.

: This has been my approach.  For now, I am working on adding some
: documentation on scoring (with Karl) and fleshing out the Flexible
: Indexing.  I feel like I know indexing pretty well, but not scoring, so
: writing scoring documentation will be helpful.



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