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From "Simon Willnauer" <>
Subject GData Server - Lucene storage
Date Thu, 01 Jun 2006 23:37:44 GMT
Hello folks,
as I'm the only developer on the project due to  the SummerOfCode
program it is quiet a tough task to discuss all the architecture with
you on the mailing list. For this reason I decided to create UML
diagrams to discuss the main components. I will not attach the uml to
the mails rather upload it to a server so you can download an study
Well, the next thing I have to implement is a storage to store the
entries in. I will provide 2 kinds of storage's (lucene and BerkleyDB
based). The first will be a lucene index to store the entries
identified by the entry ID and  feed ID stored in the index as a
Keyword (used to be Field.Keyword). The underlaying lucene storage
will only be used to store the entries compressed. Which feed entries
to retrieve from the lucene storage will be based on results of the
indexing/search component as every client request to a gdata server is
a query to the index. So the results of the search are entry ids and a
corresponding feed. These entries will be retrieved from the storage
and send back to the client. The storage component does also provide
delete / update and insert functionality (wouldn't be a storage
without these).
The biggest problem with the lucene storage is to achieve a
transactional state. Imagine the following scenario:
An update request comes in. -> the entry to update will be added to
the lucene writer   who writes the update. But another delete request
has locked the index and an IOException will be thrown. So the update
request will queue the entry and retries to obtain the lock. No
problem so far. But if the index writer can not open the index due to
some other error (the index could not be found)  the exception will
also be an IOExc. Is there any way to figure out whether the
IOException is caused due to a lock which would be alright or due to
some other serious reasons?

I added some comments on the UML to describe the arch. to you in more
detail. So please download the file and have a look at it.

I will appreciate all your comments!!

regards Simon

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