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From Michael McCandless <>
Subject Re: Access is denied on
Date Sun, 27 Aug 2006 20:39:50 GMT

Transplanting this thread off of java-user to discuss a more java-dev 
question I have (below):

> Yonik Seeley wrote:
>> On 8/27/06, Doron Cohen <> wrote:
>>> I plan to submit an update to that patch later today accommodating your
>>> comments (and others); It will most probably retry for IOExceptions (not
>>> analyzing the exception text); also, it would return false if the 
>>> *retry*
>>> for obtain() failed with exception.
>> Lock.obtain(timeout) already has retry/timeout logic around
>> Lock.obtain(), so wouldn't the change to return false on an
>> IOException be sufficient?  User level applications should then use
>> obtain(timeout) rather than obtain() unless they want to do
>> timeout/retry logic themselves.
> I would agree: the retry/timeout logic already exists above so let's 
> just return false on hitting any IOException when calling createNewFile.
> (Doron, this still wouldn't fix the other strange "across the board" IO 
> problems you see on Windows.  I'd really like to reproduce this but so 
> far (running your stress test) I can't -- are you sure it's not a virus 
> checker or something?).

I think on hitting the IOException on, we 
should return false (so timeout/retry logic can handle it).

However we should also message this to the user to  make debugging 
simple (vs just silently swallowing the exception).

But: how to do so?  I like the infoStream that IndexWriter supports, 
but, should we adopt [one of] the Java logging APIs (Apache commons 
logging, java.util.logging, log4j, etc.)?

As far as I can tell Lucene doesn't do so now, so, what's the "right 
way" to let the user know that an IOException occurred and this is why 
the "lock obtain" failed?


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