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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Custom sorting - memory leaks
Date Fri, 18 Aug 2006 19:02:25 GMT

: You can reproduce OutOfMemory easily. I've attach test files - this is
: altered DistanceSortingTest example from LIA book. Also you can
: profile it and see caching of distances arrays.

An OutOfMemory error is differnet from a memory leak.  Sorting with a
custom Comparator does in fact use a lot of memory -- and if your Heap
size is not big enough you may get an OutOfMemory -- but that doesn't mean
you have a memory leak.  A Memory leak is a problem where memory is
allocated for objects, but not freed up once those objects are no longer
of use -- just becuase you aren't using those objects, doesn't mean they
aren't "of use" and it doesn't mean they won't be freed up once some
futher action is taken (ie: closing of an IndexReader)

Are you sure you've found an actual memory leak? ... ie: do you have a
demonstratable test case that shows heap usage growing without bound over
time?   If so then seeing *that* code would be helpful to figure out if
there is in fact a memory leak in Lucene, or if (perhaps) there is a
mistaken assumption in your code (ie; not closing an IndexReader)


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