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From "Yonik Seeley" <>
Subject Re: GData-Server: SoC almost finished, server almost done so far....
Date Mon, 07 Aug 2006 17:28:50 GMT
It's looking good Simon, I was trying out some queries on your public server.

> So is there a place for the gdata server on
> Should that located in the sandbox of as a contribution?

I'm not quite sure what you are asking here... do you mean a place for
a web-site or documentation?


On 8/6/06, Simon Willnauer <> wrote:
> Hey guys,
> SummerOfCode finishes at the 22nd of August and all functionality has
> been implemented so far. Well, that does not mean that the project has
> finished at all. I will reflect the last 3 week a bit on this mail to
> get the interested of you a bit of an overview.
> The proposal had 5 Milestones and up to number 4 everything has been
> implemented.
> Milestone 1 was about a basic functionality to serve feeds and enable
> all the CRUD actions for the entries of a feed followed by the
> authentication component and the versioning stuff. So the last 3 weeks
> I was working on integration Lucene as a search / index component
> which worked quiet well. I started defining a index schema based on a
> xml file (the server configuration) which enables users to index
> whatever element of entries they want to in a quiet flexible way.
> Analyzers, boost and so one can be defined per field (more on that on
> the wiki). The elements, attributes or some other desired xml nodes
> are defined using an xpath expression in the index schema. Each
> service on the gdata server has its own index and index schema. A
> service is a kind of Entry / Feed implementation with defined
> extensions. This means that you can create your own feed with special
> extension elements  on feeds and entries (more on that later). Each
> Service has 'n' feeds and a feed has 'm' entries.
> The Gdata Protocol defines a quiet simple query syntax for search
> querying the server there are just about a simple overall query, a
> query for update range, an author query and a query for categories.
> All queries are "AND" queries and not all of them can be used
> together. So querying category and author is not defined.
> Well I thought that's a bit less and lucene can do much more. So I
> decided to provide all of the lucene query syntax as well. I
> "translate" the so called Gdata query into a proper lucene query if
> needed to let the user choose how sophisticated he wants to search.
> All queries are done via http get parameters like fieldname=searchquery.
> If you got some time to try it out go for:
> Query parameters:
> q (equals content, is default field),updated,title,summary,content, author
> you can use all of the lucene syntax and the additional gdata query
> syntax (
> So the next two week I will spend some time on test coverage, clover
> says 75 % so far and the documentation on the lucene wiki. I will
> provide a gdata-server in 20 minutes tutorial and a FAQ that should be
> ok for some users to give it a go.
> So is there a place for the gdata server on
> Should that located in the sandbox of as a contribution?
> @Yonik let me know what you think.
> best regards to all and thanks for your help during the project.I
> guess I will stay around here for a while :). Thanks to all
> java-devs!! Some special thanks to Ian Holsman for being my mentor on
> that project.
> best regards simon
> Some examples
> (gdata like)
> ?updated-min=2006-08-05T22:35:54.464Z&updated-max=2006-09-05T22:35:54.464Z
> ?title=eval* (all terms beginning with eval)
> ?title=g*data (to find gdata or g-data)
> ?title=te?t (to find test or text)
> Fuzzy Queries:
> ?q=sophistikatet~ (for sophisticated)
> or boost a term to influence the scoring:
> q=gdata&title=apache^4
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