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From "Simon Willnauer" <>
Subject Re: About Feeds in GDataServer
Date Tue, 15 Aug 2006 21:42:30 GMT
On 8/15/06, Marcos César de Oliveira <> wrote:
> A service can have more than one feed?
> If no, what is a difference between a service and a feed?
see above.
> If yes, do they have to belong to the same class?
You can choose a class at the bottom of the class hierarchy and add
entries of super classes. does that solve your problem?
> Doesn't possible create sub feeds? Like a comments feed nested in a events
> feed?
Could you describe that a bit more in depth?
> Why isn't permitted to have an entry of a subclass of the feeds class?
Entry class and feed class don't conflict with each other. See, a
certain type of entry has a java class which "describes" it. An in OOP
you just can't down cast something without an upcast. So that's why
entries you want to add can not be subclasses of the class you
configured in your service.

> Creating ExtensionProfiles and implementing
> to be a tedious task, anybody
> knows some generator for these?
I is a tedious task, no doubt. You should look at the implementation
of MessageFeed/Entry in the gdata client sources. have a look at
BaseEntry#declareExtensions(ExtensionProfile) --> you don't have to
extend the extension profile at all.

best regards simon
> Thanks in advance,
> Marcos César
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