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From "Simon Willnauer" <>
Subject Fwd: About Feeds in GDataServer
Date Tue, 15 Aug 2006 22:01:49 GMT
On 8/15/06, Marcos C├ęsar de Oliveira <> wrote:
> 2006/8/15, Simon Willnauer <>:
> > You can choose a class at the bottom of the class hierarchy and add
> > entries of super classes. does that solve your problem?
> Yes. May I have a feed with the class Feed and put any subclass of Feed in
> it?
You mean as an entry?
> > > Doesn't possible create sub feeds? Like a comments feed nested in a
> events
> > > feed?
> > Could you describe that a bit more in depth?
> See

I see!! First, this is the calendar api which is a bit different and
has adifferent licence. Second, thats a nice feature I will add it to
the future tasks. If you wanna use such a feature  you can just create
a new feed for each of the entries and put a link into the entry that
would lead to a different url but it works as a workarround.

I will definately add this feature in the future!

> > > Why isn't permitted to have an entry of a subclass of the feeds class?
> > Entry class and feed class don't conflict with each other. See, a
> > certain type of entry has a java class which "describes" it. An in OOP
> > you just can't down cast something without an upcast. So that's why
> > entries you want to add can not be subclasses of the class you
> > configured in your service.
> Sorry. I mean: "Why isn't permitted to have an entry of a subclass of the
> entry's class configured in gdata-config.xml?"
You can configure any subclass of BaseEntry in the gdata-config.xml!
Is the wiki saying something different? If yes could you point out
where so I can change it?!

> > I is a tedious task, no doubt. You should look at the implementation
> > of MessageFeed/Entry in the gdata client sources. have a look at
> > BaseEntry#declareExtensions(ExtensionProfile) --> you
> don't have to
> > extend the extension profile at all.
> >
> OK, but the implementation of Extension interface, in class Where for
> instance, is very tedious, a tool for this will be very helpful, for sure.

I agree but that is out of scope of the server project at the moment.

best regards simon
> Thanks,
> Marcos Cesar
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